Work Smarter Not HarderWe teach small business to think large and use the practices that large businesses use – and we provide the tools you need to do this.

Many retirees are starting businesses who have no experience in business, as well as those who have been laid off or need an extra income. There are so many startups (600,000/yr according to the SBA) that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t have a chance – they show around an 80% failure rate.

Do you want a huge edge over your competition?  And to prevent that 80% failure rate from being your business?  Then register for the FREE Webinar on Sept. 24th at 8pm CST (9pm EST, 6pm PST) where Dawn Cassara, the Business Detail Specialist, will explain why every SMB should be using these large business practices, with examples!

RedArrowOur 5 Step training series will help those entrepreneurs who are starting their business, or need to kick-start it, and need more understanding of how business tracking can help and, as a bonus, how to build an audience for your products/services!

Are you running a business or a hobby?
We’ll help you figure that out! We’ll start with your goals, your competition and what you need to do next. You’ll end up with a business plan (or more focused business plan) and a customized plan of action with software that you can really use!

In fact, the purpose of this training is to save you time – give you more time to run your business and/or live your life. The more effective you work, the less time it will take. This is designed for YOU.

Here are the steps we will be addressing (along with your requests):
Step 1Business Basics (Competition, Goals, Demographics)
How to identify your competition, their target market and keywords (why do the work when it’s already been done?) and what your goals should be – how much you want to make and why you should want more!
Step 2Basic Tracking and Time Management
This is the true difference between small and large business practices – the profit is in the details!  We’ll help you identify current hidden pockets of profit and plan future profits.
Products: Did you know that you make more on shipping than on your products?
Services: Did you know that it’s actually more productive to ask for more for your services?
Step 3 – Why and what CRM/Business Software you need to Succeed.
We’ll teach a class on the value of having a customized system that includes the functionality of over 5 different systems (all integrated!) – in other words, the value of your time.
Step 4Your Website – Do you even need one? (SEO/SEM).
Alternatives to web sites – video, landing pages, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  If you have a web site, is it interactive and responsive? Google now ranks based on that!  Do you know that video is the one thing that can sell better than any other marketing  you can do and results have nothing to do with how “professional” it is (in most cases)?
Step 5Internet Marketing Basics Anyone Can Understand!
Types (Social Media, Ads, Search Engines, Partners), the difference between PUSH and PULL marketing, much more!

It will be a 6 week process, but we may well add some extra discussion points based on questions that you ask if they are relevant and we know the answer!

I personally worked in large corporations for 20 years as a business analyst, then for the last 15 in my own business helping SMB’s. My cohorts  are just as experienced!

It all goes back to tracking, so if you’re using or planning to keep using Excel, please be aware that Excel is not a tracking tool. It will only last you so long before it becomes to be a hindrance. One particular example, among many, is that you cannot automatically update your web site forms to Excel, so that means you have to take the time to manually enter it. That is exactly the kind of time waster that we are going to teach you to eliminate!

Many who want to start a business do not know exactly what they want to do with it – what will make them the most money and what will be a waste of time. I am helping a client now who she can’t decide if her expertise in alternative medicine should focus on sales (and resales) or consulting.

Both roads will take a lot of time and effort, and they are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but both will cost time and expense, and she is hesitant to invest until she knows what she wants to do.

We can help her with what needs to be done for each case, but ultimately she has to decide where her time and budget should be concentrated. One critical factor is that this person does not like to do public speaking, and consultants must enjoy that aspect of getting known in their field, not force themselves. Consulting is connecting – feeling the pain.

So this series will help her as well as others who need a simple, but laser focused, plan for their business.

You must be registered by Sept. 25th to be eligible.

We are limiting this training to 5 SMBs,
so first to sign up wins this round!

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