Intuitive, Easy to Use

Do you need something so easy to learn that it only takes a few minutes - in fact at just a glance? Excel look and feel, but much more functionality and control!

1-Box Customizable CRM and Business Systems

Tired of entering the same data over and over into systems that don't communicate? 1-Box saves you Time, Money and Frustration!

Need an App - at 30-50% LESS?

Cloud, Big Data, Enterprise Mobile, Custom Software and Portals - all at 30-50% less. Includes Project Management!

All things being equal, I'd rather be at the beach.

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And leave the rest to us!
Replaces 5 or more systems and all that duplicate entry in just 3 easy steps!

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Step 1 - Responsive Website, Lead Capture FormsMake your web site a Lead Generating Monster!
Is your web site interactive, engaging, responsive, exciting AND able to gather your visitors information via forms or surveys OR is it just and EXPENSIVE POSTER? If you're ready for a massive leap in leads, we start with what you need. Whether it's a new or revamped Responsive Web Site that will pass Google's new update or to make your web site interactive with Lead Capture Forms to gather your visitors information so you can market to them. We can add forms, surveys, scheduling and sign-ups for downloads to ANY web site.
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Step 2a - 1-Box CRM Add a simple, easy to use, inexpensive* database to capture and market to those leads!
The web site information is automatically updated into your 1-Box CRM Database, customized to your needs, so you never lose another lead! Your database has a Dashboard, Lists and Views where you can sort and select. You can run Email or SMS (text) Campaigns. Download your data into Excel for more analysis. Preload with call center leads at one of the cheapest rates anywhere!
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Step 2b - 1-Box Business SystemsAdd your business functionality to your 1-Box database.
Everything from Scheduling and eCommerce (which we can also add to your website), to Item Management and Invoicing - we've got it all. We offer a Quickbooks update and many other interfaces!
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Step 3 - Internet Marketing The Final Touch - World Class Internet Marketing.
Imagine, everything in one place, so everything works together to promote YOUR BRAND. SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Ranking, Ads (Google and Facebook), LinkedIn Marketing, Email Campaigns - we help you decide based on your business.
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* Ask if you qualify for our FREE version - it's still custom!